Franco Ricordi and his Lecturae Dantis

Broadcast in live streaming on June 10, 17 and 24 in the Sala del Paradiso of the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo

Domenico di Michelino, Dante

Dante and the light of the Divine Comedy in Santa Maria del Fiore

Until December 31, 2021, an installation in the Cathedral of Florence will enable a close reading of the famous…

“Graficamente Dante”, competition for artworks inspired by the Divine Comedy

Launched by Edifir-Edizioni Firenze, the works will be published in a catalogue

Mura di Pisa - ph. Syefano Cannas

Pisa celebrates Dante by naming three public spaces after a number of characters from the Divine Comedy

Pier Delle Vigne, Frederick II of Swabia, Arrigo VII: three figures linked to the history of the city

Le Donne della Commedia

The Women of the Divine Comedy: tours organized in Florence, Mugello and Casentino

The five protagonists of the poet's life will guide visitors in this experiential tourism initiative

Lo scambio previsto tra il Museo di San  Marco a Firenze e la Pinacoteca dei Musei civici di Forlì

Beato Angelico, masterpieces in transit on the occasion of the Forlì exhibition “Dante: The vision of art”

The exchange planned between the San Marco Museum in Florence and the Pinacoteca of the Forlì Civic Museums.

Photo ©Patrizia Messeri

Dante as a scientist is revealed through a virtual exhibition by the Georgofili Academy

Volumes of the historical library dedicated to the poet's relationship with botany and agriculture are available online

Siena is preparing to celebrate Dante

A full calendar of initiatives will start in May

The Stibbert Museum launches an online exhibition dedicated to the illustrated editions of the Divine Comedy

Available on the Museum website, it tells the story of the Anglo-Florentine collector's passion for the poet

With Cristicchi, on the way to Paradise

From Dante's Comedy to the mystics of all times, for a fascinating and poetic journey in search of salvation

Arezzo Wave launches music contest dedicated to Dante

This year, with the debut category "DANTE ROCK - And finally we emerged to see the stars"

The Week of Dante in the Uffizi Gallery

Many online events dedicated to the poet, as well as the virtual exhibition "Non per foco ma per divin’arte"

An app for visually impaired people on the Dante itineraries in Florence

Called "L’Occhio della città intelligente", it enables you to discover the city independently

From the cenotaph of Santa Croce to the discovery of Dante’s Florence in one app

Created by Opera Santa Croce, two different itineraries are presented to explore the poet’s city and his heroes

Giuseppe Penone e Dante Alighieri

A large tree by Giuseppe Penone in Piazza della Signoria pays homage to Dante

The 22-meter tall sculpture anticipates the exhibition at the Uffizi Gallery dedicated to the Turin artist that will be…

A Dante word a day: one of Accademia della Crusca’s initiatives for the year of Dante

Throughout 2021, words taken from the Supreme Poet’s works will be proposed daily, to delve into the roots of the…