The Women of the Divine Comedy: tours organized in Florence, Mugello and Casentino

The five protagonists of the poet’s life will guide visitors in this experiential tourism initiative

Le Donne della Commedia

The focal points of the special tours organized by “Le Donne della Commedia” are Florence, Mugello and Casentino: Dante’s places. Guiding the public in this fascinating series of itineraries that intertwine Dante’s history and works will be five women who played a very important role in the life of the poet: Beatrice Portinari (his muse), Francesca da Rimini (the damned lust of the famous Canto V of Hell, as well as ancestor to Guido Novello da Polenta who hosted Dante in Ravenna in the last period of his life), Gemma Donati (his wife who is often forgotten and derided, as seen in works by Boccaccio), Matelda (imaginary and allegorical character who helped Dante in the Terrestrial Paradise to purify himself of his sins) and Piccarda Donati (cousin of Gemma and sister of Forese and Corso, childhood friends then political enemies of Alighieri, as well as the first blessed he meets once he arrives in Paradise).

These women are played by “The Women of Comedy”: Caterina Zaru, Giorgia Stornanti, Vittoria Pacini, Elisa Paoli and Costanza Zaru. It is a group of qualified operators in the cultural-educational field and qualified guides who will lead participants in the exploration of Dante’s places in a clear, useful and interesting manner. It’s a form of experiential tourism to communicate the identity and beauty of the area and its rich history, evident even in themed treks.

Tours in Florence

The Florentine tour starts from Dante’s house to discover the places of Dante Alighieri’s childhood and youth, including family life, studies, friendships, politics and passions, before his harsh sentence to exile. A trip to the center of Florence to discover Dante’s history in the streets of the center. The next events will be on May 1st and June 6th at 5.30pm and May 21st and June 17th at 6.30pm.

There is also an activity created for children and their families: a treasure hunt in the Dante area. The event takes place on Saturday May 22 at 10.30 am and 4 pm.

Events in Mugello

Mugello is of particular importance in Dante’s life, both for the events that took place at the Abbey of San Godenzo and for being the birthplace of Giotto. There are two events organized by “Le donne della Commedia”: two Dante readings with a guided tour of the Parish Church of Borgo San Lorenzo which will take place at 6.30pm on June 3 and 4.

Events in Casentino

The battle of Campaldino, Dante’s exile, the castles of Tuscany: here is the information on events in Casentino.

There are several events, including Trekking. Sunday May 2 and June 13 there will be trekking “From Castle to Castle”, starting from Stia. On May 8, June 19 and June 20, full-day trekking takes place in Capo d’Arno to discover the UNESCO heritage woods.

Activities for families are also planned: at 3pm on May 15 and June 18, little ones can go for a walk with Inchiostro, the donkey, in the footsteps of Dante, starting from Pratovecchio.

The project

Participation in the initiatives is subject to a fee. More information is available on the website www.ledonnedellacommedia.altervista.org

The project was formed thanks to the collaboration of various entities: The Amici di Dante Association in Casentino, AntigonArt Social Promotion Association, Gli Amici dell’Asino, Unione Fiorentina – Dante’s House Museum, Trame di Cultura Social Cooperative, Altertrek Association – ideas for hiking in Casentino.