Elio Germano and Teho Teardo explore “the irrational” in Paradise XXXIII

The show directed by Simone Ferrari & Lulu Helbaeka at Teatro della Pergola from October 19 to 24

Elio Germano and Teho Teardo

In the 33rd canto of Paradise, Dante Aligheri finds himself in front of the obstacle of trying to describe the immense, the unspeakable, and trying to reveal the untold: this gap with respect to “supreme wonder” is staged to create a unique experience by Elio Germano and Teho Teardo at Teatro della Pergola from October 19 to 24, in the show titled “Paradiso XXXIII”.

The last part of the third canticle of the Comedy is suspended between the ambition of the divine, and diabolic perdition. The show is situated here, accompanied by the voice and music of the two artists who will enhance each verse with images and special effects, word by word. The show uses an innovative language, transcending any concept of Dante’s theatre, concert or representation through a blend of technological and theatrical languages.

Elio Germano read the verses of Canto XXXIII of Paradise in Ravenna for the opening of the celebrations of the seventh centenary, in the presence of President Mattarella. A year later, Germano closes the perfect circle of the tribute to the Supreme Poet, together with the musician-explorer Teho Teardo, an avant-garde composer who defies labels. The show is directed by Simone Ferrari and Lulu Helbaek, who bring with them some of the magic of Cirque du Soleil.

Also on stage will be Laura Bisceglia (cello) and Ambra Chiara Michelangeli (viola). Lighting is by Pasquale Mari, while the videos are by Sergio Pappalettera and Marino Capitanio. Matteo Oioli is behind the scenography.

At 6.30pm on Wednesday, October 20, Elio Germano and Teho Teardo will meet the public at the Pergola, coordinated by Matteo Brighenti. Admission is free until there are no more available places.

The show is commissed by the Ravenna Festival, in co-production with Pierfrancesco Pisani for Infinito Produzioni and the Teatro della Toscana Foundation, Franco Parenti Theater, Ferrara Claudio Abbado Theater Foundation and the Amintore Galli Theater in Rimini.

Info: biglietteria@teatrodellapergola.com