At Dante’s House Museum, Hell is three-dimensional

The short film will be visible from November 30 to December

The virtual reality short film

Dante’s three-dimensional hell arrives at Dante’s House Museum in Florence, through virtual reality cinema technology. From November 30 to December 8, the museum will offer the opportunity to see ‘The Divine Comedy Vr: Inferno, an immersive journey’ through special visors. The virtual reality short film was made by Ett, a creative digital industry that curated the new layout and virtual tour for the museum.

Cristina Manetti, president of the Dante House Museum, commented “700 years have passed since the death of Dante, the poet who invented the Italian language and created three otherworldly places with his words, allowing us to imagine and see them before our eyes as if they were real and palpable, with their flames and their gentleness. Now, thanks to cutting-edge technologies, all this will be even more fascinating by having the opportunity to immerse yourself in a hellish scenario that seems real”.

The short film lasting about 7 minutes will be shown for the first time in the museum, accompanied by the voice of Francesco Pannofino. The entire production was made in computer-generated imagery (Cgi) animation, starting from a careful study and selection of the lines of the Comedy. By creating a storyboard closely connected to Dante’s history, the long process of ideation, design and creation of the animated 3D models was carried out. The direction and screenplay are by Federico Basso, Alessandro Parrello was behind the live shooting, and the original music is by Marco Morini.