‘The wonderful women of Dante’ become the central characters

At 9.30pm on July 30, a performance at the Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano

Fortezza Spagnola di Porto Santo Stefano - Dr. Wendy Longo
Fortezza Spagnola of Porto Santo Stefano © Dr. Wendy Longo

The women Dante recounts in the Comedy are extraordinary female characters that the poet made unforgettable by detailing their stories and their passions. ‘Le meravigliose donne di Dante  (The wonderful women of Dante) are at the centre of the show that will take place on Friday July 30 at 21.30, in the stunning setting of the Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano.

The characters will be embodied by the voices of Francesca Ventura and Giacomo Moscato, with choreography and dance by Luca Scognamiglio, accompanied by the music of Pink Floyd and images by William Blake, all of which will alternate, intertwine, overlap and create an exciting and engaging symphony of words.

Dante’s women

Dante has created some of the most extraordinary female characters in the history of literature: in addition to Beatrice (the Supreme Poet’s muse above all others), there’s also Francesca da Rimini, Pia de ‘Tolomei, Sapia Salvani, Matelda and Piccarda Donati who are just some of the wonderful women made immortal through the pen of Dante Alighieri.

The show explores the seven women that the poet meets in the Divine Comedy (as opposed to the roughly forty women referred to or cited). Francesca da Rimini is the first of the women he meets, and she has a notable role as part of the evening through fascinating storytelling, the ancient tradition of oral narration and the charming musicality of theatrical reading. Stories of betrayed and offended women alternate with stories of daring and courageous women who emerge from the immortal pages of the Comedy with their strength, sadness, independence, endurance, tenacity, complexity, harmony and sweetness that reveal the varied female universe.


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