Arezzo Wave launches music contest dedicated to Dante

This year, with the debut category “DANTE ROCK – And finally we emerged to see the stars”

AW Contest2021

Registrations are now open for the Arezzo Wave Music Contest, that has this year decided to celebrate Dante Alighieri with a competition category specifically dedicated to the poet. The contest, organized by the Arezzo Wave Italia Foundation, is one of the longest-running in the Italian music scene and has led to the discovery of many talents. The slogan for the special cover dedicated to Dante was created by Luca Ralli (one of the greatest designers and illustrators for publishing), it reads: “La tua musica può portarti in Paradiso!” (Your music can take you to Paradise!). The style of the image recalls that of Dorè, who created the historical drawings of the Divine Comedy. Registration for the contest is free and can be done by April 25.

The 2021 special edition

The challenge is to celebrate Dante Alighieri on the 700th anniversary of his death, updating his words and messages with music in order to bring young people closer to his masterpieces. This year’s edition will be special one: it’s dedicated to the Tuscan singer and guitarist Erriquez, a loyal friend of the event, who recently passed away.

Groups and artists who want to participate in the “Arezzo Wave DANTE ROCK – And finally we emerged to see the stars” category will have to insert some words from the Divine Comedy within the text of one of their original songs. The references can be in any part: at the beginning, in the middle of the piece, as a refrain, or imaginatively, using style and rhythm, quoting passages or tercets by Dante, who remains an important figure of the Italian language today. Not just rock, but any art form is welcome. The idea was formed thanks to Caparezza and is masterfully rendered in his song Argenti vive. Sending this specific element is optional, but it represents an opportunity to express creativity.



For the first time, the “Arezzo Wave DANTE ROCK” category is also open to groups and artists who have won previous editions and also to famous artists. The winner will be invited to play at Sudwave, a showcase festival dedicated to Southern European talents, whose fourth edition will be held in November 2021. It will be an opportunity to meet with managers and artistic directors of the most important national and international festivals, and to award other prizes that are soon to be revealed.