“Contemporaneamente le parole di Dante”: Poppi celebrates the poet and his poetics

On September 12 at Poppi Castle. The event will also be broadcast by Controradio and Radio Toscana

The statue of Dante Alighieri at the Castello dei Conti Guidi in Poppi © Massimiliano Agati

A contemporary tribute to Dante is presented through words and music and different expressive languages. The event takes place on Sunday September 12 at 5 pm in the Salone delle Feste of the Castle of the Guidi Counts in Poppi. “Contemporaneamente le parole di Dante” is an opportunity to connect with the vitality of Dante’s poetry and at the same time understand how Dante’s voice, words and rhythm has entered our daily lives, providing a source of inspiration for poets as well as for contemporary readers. The event is promoted by the Regione Toscana, Municipality of Poppi, the La Nottola di Minerva cultural association, and Giunti Editore who present the event titled “Contemporaneamente le parole di Dante”.

Following a welcome by the institutional partners, a literary and sound performance will take place featuring the poets Giuseppe Conte, Paolo Fabrizio Iacuzzi, Rosaria Lo Russo, Denata Ndreca and Davide Rondoni. The poets involved will present a word or saying that still today offers meaning. Each author will present Dante’s poetry in original languages ​​and rhythms to capture the Dante text as an instrument for reading the world around us, bringing us closer to his metaphors and analogies and the sensitivity and creative imagination of readers, with particular attention to younger readers.

Words and music joined together for a special evening

The Ball Percussion company and the actor Francesco Gori will interpret pieces by Dante that were chosen not only to restore their verbal meaning, but also to evoke their rhythms, recreating a unique sound atmosphere around each of them. Dante’s idioms and proverbs are still used today. They will be read by actress Federica Miniati, who will alternate words with images, offering surprisingly modern reinterpretations.

There will also be proposals for editorial news and studies on Dante, in collaboration with Giunti Editore, curated and presented by the poet and editor Paolo Fabrizio Iacuzzi, a highlight of which will be the new edition of the Divine Comedy. Featuring notes and a Dante dictionary, (Giunti Barbèra 2021), 30 key words are introduced by the poets Fabio Pusterla, Stefano Carrai and Giuseppe Conte in the volume that collects all of his works as well as an index of names and keywords. There will be a translation of Latin works, with an introduction by Marco Malvaldi (Giunti Barbèra 2021), as well as a novel by Giuseppe Conte titled ‘Dante in love’ (Giunti 2021), which imagines Dante returning for a day on earth every March 25, ending up falling in love in our times with a tourist named Grace in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic. It’s a hymn to beauty and to love.

Guided tours of the Conti Guidi di Poppi Castle are scheduled at 3pm and 4pm. Info and reservations: 0575 520516 / info@castellopoppi.it

The event will be promoted and broadcast on the media channels of Controradio

and Radio Toscana.


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