#Dantepop explored in the Sandra Regali exhibition

The works are hosted in the Carlo Azeglio Ciampi exhibition space at Palazzo del Pegaso

Dante Pop © Sandra Rigali

He was a man of change and is most certainly a figure who left a strong mark on culture, however, Dante can also be read through a contemporary lens and be seen as a pop icon. This is what the artist Sandra Rigali has done with the #Dantepop exhibition, on display in the exhibition space of the Consiglio Regionale.

Curated by Alice Traforti, Sandra Rigali’s project explores the poet and his world vision through a parallelism between literary sources and today’s events, using newspaper clippings to highlight the strong link between Dante’s work and present-day society. Large-format canvases and small panels accompany the visitor, like postcards of a trip to Italy, through real and imaginary places in which some significant moments of Dante’s work unfold, linked to his most avant-garde ideas.

In her works, Sandra Rigali makes use of multilayered painting, using different textures made up of collages, newspaper clippings and artworks, with typed elements and details embellished with gold leaf.

Works by Sandra Rigali

The exhibition can be visited in the Carlo Azeglio Ciampi exhibition space in Palazzo del Pegaso (in via de ‘Pucci 16 in Florence). The show will be on display until September 30, 2021 at the following hours: 3-6pm, from Monday to Friday. Access will be restricted for visitors in accordance with the legislation aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19. It will also be necessary to show the Covid 19 green certification known as the “Green pass”, as established by current regulations. Reservations are required by emailing prenotazione-mostra@consiglio.regione.toscana.it