“Three songs for the Pretorio”: tribute to Dante by the Palazzo Pretorio Museum

A series of three videos made by the Metropopolare collective that will be published on social networks

Palazzo Pretorio Museum

In the year of Dante, the Palazzo Pretorio Museum also wanted to contribute to the celebrations with an innovative project titled “Three canti for the Pretorio”, a video series that prompts reflections on art and its role in our lives. The starting point is the words of Dante, who was the first to use the vernacular language and thus made his works available to everyone. The project that the museum has created together with the Metropopolare collective is a journey to discover the works of the museum and their perception.

The video series is written and directed by Livia Gionfrida, while the interviews were conducted by Giulia Aiazzi and Paolo Grun. The videos will be available on the museum’s Facebook and YouTube channels and they will also be screened in the summer arena at the Emperor’s Castle before the films. The series consists of three episodes, each of which respectively has a final verse of one of the three canticles of the Divine Comedy as their title. The citation of stars is a recurrent theme, as it’s the end to which humankind tends. Art thus becomes the means to reach them, for the elevation of human beings.

The first episode will be released on June 30 and the other two will be available on July 7 and 12. They will all be available on the museum’s website.

For years, the Metropopolare collective has been working with artistic research in a multidisciplinary and eclectic way, involving cities and artists. The research was formed in Prato and is nourished by the work that has branched off nationally. The projects always involve cultural institutions such as theaters, museums and foundations, as well as entities rooted in the territory such as prisons and schools, a sign of research that blends both ethics and aesthetics.