Beatrice racconta Dante, the exhibition of Florentine and Ravenna artisans-artists, on display in Florence from November 2

Twenty works exhibited in the former San Firenze courthouse

Beatrice racconta Dante

Twenty works by female artists curated by Florentine artisans and artists are on display in the exhibition titled Beatrice racconta Dante, (Beatrice reveals Dante). The exhibition marks the return of craftsmanship to a place that’s cherished by artisans: the Music Room of the former San Firenze courthouse. Works include a hand-sewn book with a front plate in scagliola and the door of hell in Florentine commesso, as well as the fresco of the passage from Purgatory to Paradise, the multi-material mosaic of the Dome of the Cathedral, Dante’s Phrygian cap in hand-dyed cool wool, a lost wax bronze sculpture bracelet and an infinite variety of Ravenna mosaics inspired by Dante’s Hell and Purgatory.

The exhibition Beatrice racconta Dante includes the display curated by Florentine artisans and artists of some iconic objects and elements present in the work by Michelino The Divine Comedy illuminates Florence, a painting from 1465 preserved in the Duomo of Florence, and mosaics made by artisans from Ravenna as part of the “Vita di Dante” celebrations programme.

The event was possible due to the combination of the artisans of artistic and traditional craftsmanship of CNA Firenze, by the mosaicists of CNA Ravenna and by the Municipality of Florence in collaboration with CNA Impresa Donna. The event is part of the calendar of celebrations for the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death.

The artists and craftspeople involved

The artists from Florence are Veronika Focacci Wick (paper restoration and bookbinding), Cecilia Falciai (scagliola), Lituana di Sabatino (Florentine commesso), Spira Mirabilis Design (jewellery and sculptures), Sbigoli Terrecotte (ceramics), Mieke Verbert (papier mache), Tamara Valkama (pictorial decoration), Ornella Baratti Bon (painting), Silvia Logi Artworks (multi-material mosaic), Diamantina Palacios (textile designer), Mode Liana (hats and accessories), Vernica Balzani (miniatures and painting), and Irena Palavrsic (jewellery). From Ravenna: mosaics by Annafietta, Barbara Liverani Studio pop art mosaic, Dimension mosaic, Koko mosaic, Officina del Mosaico Mosaic Art School, Pixel Mosaici and 3-D.


The free admission exhibition will be open until November 9, from 10am – 6pm.

The collaboration between the entrepreneurs of Florence and Ravenna – where Alighieri was born and died respectively – will continue in Ravenna, where the exhibition will be repeated in 2022.