Dante Multimedia Center opens in Palagio Fiorentino, Stia

The inauguration is scheduled for July 25, remaining open throughout the summer

Palagio Fiorentino di Stia
Palagio Fiorentino of Stia

An immersion into the life of Dante, his era, and into the historical events: the Dantesco Multimedia Center will be inaugurated in Palagio Fiorentino, Stia on July 25 at 6 pm and is a fascinating way to take a leap into the past, using advanced technologies.

The itinerary opens with an introductory area recounted directly through the voice of Dante’s narrator, an actor who will invite you to discover this place and the entire Casentino territory, with a particular focus on the castles of Romena, Porciano and Poppi, and the sources of the Arno. The exploration is made even more fascinating and engaging thanks to the mixed reality: augmented reality viewers allow visitors to access a selection of immersive 360​° views of Dante’s places in Casentino.

An interactive station with six videos takes a deep dive into Dante, his political and personal events, and to the local references in the Divine Comedy.

An educational station is dedicated to the Battle of Campaldino in which Dante took part as a feditore, meaning a knight in the front lines, facing the Ghibelline army of the Arezzo area. An interactive table allows you to discover its history and reveals the formations of the most illustrious characters of the time when they clashed on the battlefield.

The itinerary ends in the third room with a video by Riccardo Starnotti, president of the Amici di Dante Association in Casentino. In the role of Dante, a rich historical and cultural itinerary is retraced from Monte Falterona to Palagio Fiorentino, passing through the castles of Porciano and Romena.

The exhibition is enriched by the display of two anastatic copies of the Divine Comedy, Dante historiato by Federico Zuccari and the Yates-Thompson Manuscript, one of the most beautiful illuminated manuscripts of the Comedy. They are visible on a touchscreen display with dedicated commentary on the Castentino stages by Cristoforo Landino. There will also be a collection of medieval weapons made for the 1989 Biennial of Blacksmith Art.

The center will be open during the summer period from 4-7pm Tuesday to Thursday and 4-7pm and 9-11pm Friday to Sunday, along with the exhibition titled Dante a Confronto set up in the adjacent Limonaia building. Admission is free.