The Last Judgement by Francisco Bosoletti: mural at Galluzzo

Street art that explores the relevance of the Divine Comedy

Giudizio Universale, murales - Bosoletti
Giudizio Universale, murales – Francesco Bosoletti
Photo © Bosoletti Portfolio

A work of street art details life at the time of Dante: the “Last Judgement” by Francisco Bosoletti has been completed at Galluzzo. The large mural extends along the facades of at least six houses, the public housing in via Corbinelli and adjacent streets managed by Casa spa.

The work is part of the Dante celebrations by the Municipality of Florence. It was inspired by the verse of the Comedy that details the condemning sentence doled out to the poet: “that which eternally resounds”. The mural represents the infinite struggle between life and death, damnation and salvation, and that between punishment and grace.

Six paintings on different walls explore the “Last Judgement”

The work consists of six paintings that are divided among different walls. Unbreakable cords bind the submerged and the saved, with the naked bodies becoming indistinguishable. The roles are interchangeable, and the act of seeing forms the moral dignity of humankind. The observer can reassemble the pieces according to their own journey. ‘Catch the eyes, to have the mind’, as Alighieri said in a canto of Paradiso: art can “catch the eyes”, i.e. capturing attention through the gaze of the spectator, “to have the mind” and therefore guiding them to an inner reflection. The effect of the work is spectacular and represents a new way to immerse yourself in Dante’s narrative.

Councilor for culture, Tommaso Sacchi, comments “Celebrations for Dante also permeate the walls of Florence, not only for the locals of the area, but also for those who will pass through who will have the opportunity to pause and reflect on the artist’s work, and question the deeper meaning of the Comedy. Florence is reconciled with its exiled but beloved son also thanks to the language of street art, thus renewing an ever-original narrative on the work and legacy of the Supreme Poet”.

In recent times, the Municipality of Florence has been working on a route that enhances public housing buildings through the creation of works by great international artists. The work by Bosoletti follows Jorit’s murals on Mandela and Gramsci, and the recently inaugurated work in Isolotto dedicated to Davide Astori.

Who is Francisco Bosoletti

Francisco Bosoletti, whose work is particularly influenced by the Neapolitan Baroque and Florentine Renaissance art, has created numerous works all over the world. These include Isis, in the Spanish Quarters of Naples, inspired by the statue of Pudicitia in Cappella Sansevero, Cuerdas in Minsk, Belarus, and Desencuentro, in Ghent on the occasion of the celebrations for the restoration of the polyptych of the Mystic Lamb by Van Eick.

Bosoletti paints on the wall while respecting the memory of the places and the people who inhabit them. His intervention accompanies that of the time that passes, at the same time hiding and revealing visions that seem to remain in an eternal present and remind humankind of the transience of existence.