Versus Dante show at Volterra’s Roman Theatre

Ten stages in the Commedia, performed at 9.30pm on July 17th

Versus Dante

The Roman Theater of Volterra will be the setting for the show titled ‘Versus Dante – Descent into Dante’s Comedy’, created by Paolo Pasquini, and directed alongside Agnese Ciaffei. Versus Dante is a descent into the Comedy divided into ten stages: three from Paradise, three from Purgatory, three from Hell, and followed by an Epilogue. Dante meets Beatrice, Saint Peter, Casella, Francesca and Capaneo, with Virgil at his side along a journey that touches the three great crises between humans and the divine present in the poem: St. Peter’s tirade in Paradise, the “scandalous questions” by the apostle to Italy in Purgatory, and finally, Capaneo, who was among the blasphemers in Hell. The journey is also through the three stages of humankind and a reflection on mystery.

The show will be staged on July 17 at 9.30 pm as part of the International Festival at the Roman Theater in Volterra. Produced by Xenia in collaboration with the Dante Festival,

the national event is now a reference point in promoting the meeting of Dante and the performing arts. It has already been performed for the Italian Cultural Institutes of Barcelona, ​​Beograd, Budapest and Madrid, as well as in numerous Italian squares. On the occasion of seven hundred years since Dante’s death, it has been adapted for four actors, all awarded over the course of the eleven editions of the Festival: Agnese Ciaffei, Giacomo De Rose, Carlo Ricci and Carlotta Sfolgori.