The documentary titled “Dante Confidential” will be broadcast on Rai 3 on September 13

Directed by Simona Risi, with narration by Pif and a series of important video testimonials

Film – Dante Confidential

The topicality of Dante Alighieri, his passions, his loves, his ideas and his reflections on major issues still concern us and involve us today: this is the theme of “Dante Confidential”, the documentary directed by Simona Risi which will be broadcast at 11.15pm on September 13 2021, on Rai 3. The date is important since September 13 is the 700th anniversary of the poet’s death. There’s no better way to celebrate him than by narrating the Supreme Poet and his multifaceted nature which still makes him relevant today.

The actor and director Pierfrancesco Diliberto, aka Pif, gives voice to this “confidential” film about the Supreme Poet. The narrative voice accompanies the viewer to knowledge about Dante, beyond the “scholastic” representation that is usually given, without renouncing the historical contextualization and giving a contemporary look at his universal message.

The film consists of immersive shots that start from the places touched by Dante, relating the past with the present. The documentary goes from the cities where Dante lived, to the places mentioned in the Divine Comedy, evoking their atmospheres. It also takes in visits to historical libraries where ancient manuscripts are preserved, allowing the viewer to enter, albeit visually, into the Dantesque universe that’s still alive and relevant.

The testimonies within the documentary

In the documentary, there are contributions by scholars and historians, whose testimonies give scientific depth to the project, as well as those by cultural personalities who detail Dante’s words and reflect on the contemporaneity of his message.

Among the video testimonies of the documentary Dante Confidential, are those by the directors Liliana Cavani and Pupi Avati (who is currently making a film on Dante Alighieri); the historians Franco Cardini, Guido Alfani, Chiara Mercuri and Guido Sapelli; the writer Dacia Maraini and the journalist Paolo Rumiz; the photographer Oliviero Toscani; and the president of the Tuscany Region, Eugenio Giani.

Dante Confidential, directed by Simona Risi, is based on a story by Didi Gnocchi, with texts by Arianna Marelli and Marzio Mian, produced in collaboration with the Regione Toscana and the Toscana Promozione Turistica.