Dantedì at Palazzo Blu: a video preview of the “Tom Phillips: Dante’s Inferno” exhibition

It will be presented on social media pending opening to the public

Locandina Dante’s Inferno © Palazzo Blu

The Pisan museum celebrates Dantedì on March 25 with a video preview to discover the first images of the new Palazzo Blu exhibition, “Tom Philips: Dante’s Inferno”.  The exhibition will be open to the public as soon as conditions allow and will remain open until July 18. In the meantime, however, the public will have the opportunity to learn more about the British artist Tom Philips and his interpretation of Dante’s hell.

The exhibition is curated by Giorgio Bacci, promoted by Palazzo Blu, Fondazione Pisa and Società Dantesca Italiana, with the support and patronage of the National Committee for Dante 700. Tom Philips is one of the most noted international artists, ranging from sculpture and painting to graphics and illustration.

The video preview of the exhibition on social networks

Palazzo Blu’s YouTube channel and other social media will host videos that will give the public a taste of the exhibition. The images will be accompanied by interviews with Giorgio Bacci, curator of the exhibition, Marcello Ciccuto, president of the Società Dantesca Italiana, Alberto Casadei, coordinator of the Gruppo Dante dell’Associazione degli Italianisti, and Cosimo Bracci Torsi, president of the Commissione Cultura of the Fondazione Pisa.

The tale of Hell in 139 illustrations

In his new exhibition “Dante’s Inferno”, Tom Phillips presents a personal interpretation of the Comedy, using the different techniques of screen printing, engraving, lithography and mezzotint. The works represent a “visual comment” on Dante’s tercets. A post-modern commentary with quotes from famous works, cult objects, icons from mass society and with forays into the world of comics. His works are held in major museums around the world including the Tate Gallery, the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Philadelphia Museum. Over the years, solo exhibitions have been dedicated to him all over the world including London, Paris, New York, Rotterdam, Milan.


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