Show titled ‘Il Canto di Dante’ to be held on December 14 at the Politeama Pratese

A theatrical show weaving music and song in the name of Giuseppe Verdi

‘Il canto di Dante’ is the title of the theatrical show in 14 scenes based on the “Divine Comedy”, that will be held at the Teatro Politeama Pratese at 9pm on Tuesday December 14 on the occasion of the seven hundredth anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri. The show comes ahead of the first part of the permanent exhibition, ‘Verdianamente’, at the Verdi Municipal School of Music that will be inaugurated at 6pm on December 18 on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the death of the Italian composer. The exhibition will be composed of over two hundred Verdi documents, realized thanks to the generous donation of Goffredo Gori’s personal collection to the municipal administration.

The common thread between the two events will be the music, uniting Dante Alighieri and Giuseppe Verdi. The three Dante canticles will be staged by a cast of over 80 artists and technicians and the documents of the Italian composer and senator, owned by the Municipality of Prato, have been made available to the city for the first time. The poster declares it will be a show of “music, singing, acting and images”.

Goffredo Gori, creator of the show, commented “The theatrical show, ‘Il canto di Dante’, is not only a representation of the Divine Comedy, it is also music, a sung voice. And for this reason, the presence of Verdi in the event is a perfect union”. Gori added: “I am not a collector, but mine is a historical and timeless collection that unites my whole family, from my grandfather to my son”.

Goffredo Gori’s first donation to the municipality of Prato was of part of his valuable archive, in 2013. A second part of the collection was donated in 2019. The cataloging and digitization phase of the works and documents is now underway.