In Dante’s footsteps: seven passages from the Divine Comedy illustrated by Makkox on the walls of Florence

Virtual reality makes it possible for us to foray into Dante’s Hell, with goggles made available in some squares of the city

Sulle tracce di Dante

Seven passages of the Divine Comedy illustrated by Marco D’Ambrosio (aka Makkox), recited by Francesco Pannofino and explained by historian Franco Cardini and president of the Accademia della Crusca Claudio Marazzini can be found in the streets of Florence, giving access to exclusive content through a dedicated app.

The treasure hunt through Florence begins with Paolo and Francesca, portrayed by Makkox through a contemporary lens and with partly irreverent tones. Once the work by the illustrator of Propaganda Live has been located, it’s only needed that you frame the illustration with your smartphone to access exclusive content, having previously downloaded the Informatore AR App, available soon for Apple and Android in their respective stores. In addition to the reading of the tercets by the well-known actor and voice actor Francesco Pannofino, the words of the Supreme Poet will be explained by the historian Franco Cardini and by president of La Crusca Claudio Marazzini, two exceptional guides who will lead us in our discover of the Divine Comedy and its secrets.

A fundamental contribution in the realization of the project was given by Professor Massimo Seriacopi, Dante, critic, philologist and member of the Board of Directors of the Casa di Dante Museum, who oversaw the selection and comments of the passages illustrated by Makkox and recited by Pannofino.

Journey to Hell thanks to virtual reality

Dante is the epitome of culture and Florence. Through an initiative by Unicoop Firenze in collaboration with ETT, you can immerse yourself in Dante’s Inferno, accompanied by the voice of Francesco Pannofino, with goggles allowing you to see the production of “The Divine Comedy VR: Hell, an immersive journey”, a short film in 3D Virtual Reality lasting about 7 minutes.

A journey through the atmospheres of the Commedia, accompanied by the reading of a selection of the most significant of Dante’s tercets accompanied by fascinating images of Dante’s Inferno and music. The path that starts from the dark forest, the tongues of fire and the circles of the condemned, leading to “go out and see the stars”. “The Divine Comedy VR: Hell, an immersive journey” is a short film in 3D Virtual Reality lasting about 7 minutes.

The experience will be offered in collaboration with Edera magazine, in several Florentine cultural sites and occasions.

From July 8, it will be possible to discover the places where the Makkox images will be installed and the events of the traveling VR station via this webpagewww.informatorecoopfi.it/sulletraccedidante