With Cristicchi, on the way to Paradise

From Dante’s Comedy to the mystics of all times, for a fascinating and poetic journey in search of salvation

Simone Cristicchi

A journey to Paradise, fleeing the dark hell created by humankind, guided by the verses of Dante’s comedy and above all, by the voices and thoughts of the mystics of every era.

This is the idea behind “Paradise – From Darkness to Light”, a play by the actor, musician and wide-ranging writer Samuele Cristicchi, who this time engages with Dante’s epic poem, offering his original and intriguing perspective.

Cristicchi, accompanied by twenty-two members of the OIDA Orchestra of Arezzo, starts from Dante’s Paradise, to arrive at a broader reflection. This work for voice and symphonic music guides us on an inner journey, in which poetic and spiritual reflections are intertwined, seeking the way to an ideal paradise.

Virtually, Cristicchi performs Dante’s journey from Hell to Paradise alongside his audience, the show therefore becomes an initiatory journey, where poetry is the instrument of transformation from matter to pure spirit, and the encounter with the image of God is the revelation of a universal message that crosses time.

Beyond San Miniato, the show on tour

“Paradiso – From Darkness to Light”, is written and directed by Samuele Cristicchi, with music by Valter Sivilotti and Simone Cristicchi.

The show will be the highlight of the 75th edition of the San Miniato Theater Festival, formed in 2019 with the aim of a wide-reaching staging in light of the Divine Comedy and the year of Dante’s Celebrations.

The reruns at the San Miniato Festival will not be a one-off as the show will have its own summer circuit as well as during the 2021/22 theater season. In the various stages of the tour, local music groups will be involved.

Here are the dates currently scheduled:

From July 23 to 28 – SAN MINIATO (PI) – Piazza Duomo – (OIDA Orchestra of Arezzo)

July 29 – CHIUSI DELLA VERNA (AR) – Franciscan Sanctuary – (OIDA Orchestra of Arezzo)

July 30 and 31 – FORLÌ – Arena San Domenico – (MADERNA Orchestra of Forli’)

August 1 – FAENZA (RA) – Piazza Nenni – (MADERNA Orchestra of Forli’)

August 3 – FOLLONICA (GR) – Arena Leopolda – (City Symphony Orchestra of Grosseto)

August 4 – PISTOIA – Piazza del Duomo – (OIDA Orchestra of Arezzo)

August 5 – PIETRASANTA (GR) – La Versiliana Festival – (OIDA Orchestra of Arezzo).