Atlante Poetico of Tuscany: a summer tour in the footsteps of Dante through the villages of Tuscany

Evenings of words and music in the places of Dante with thirty events in various locations

The summer tour of Atlante Poetico (Poetic Atlas) of Tuscany – Journey with Dante in the villages and cities is underway. Thirty events in thirty places related to Dante with many artists involved bring the verses of the Divine Comedy around the region. The innovative project is by Accademia Mutamenti, Arca Azzurra, Compagnia Lombardi-Tiezzi and I Sacchi di Sabbia, with the scientific advice of the Scuola Normale Superiore, curated by Giorgio Zorcù and Dimitri Frosali.

The Scuola Normale Superiore provided a selection of Canti, and each was entrusted to a creative couple formed by an actor, selected from the companies, and by a musician from a vast network of musical collaborations: Music Pool, Conservatory of Florence, Tempo Reale, and the DIMA of Arezzo. Each musician was asked for an original sound score based on the dominant theme of the Canto.

Each evening will be composed of acting and music, each uniquely intertwined, and introduced by a personality from the Scuola Normale Superiore. Translations in English, French and German will be available via QR Code, to encourage the participation of tourists and foreign travellers. The schedule of events is constantly being updated: the Catalog is offered to the cities and towns of Tuscany that are mentioned in the Comedy or who have poetry at heart, to create a poetic Atlas that’s both a map and a guide for the region for this summer.

This was made possible thanks to contributions from the Tuscan Regional Council for Dante O Tosco, and by the Fondazione CR Firenze.

A selection of the poetic Atlas is also available online, where you can see the video Dante and the stars, edited by Francesco Mariotti and produced by Music Pool for Jazz4Spring, shot at the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory. It’s dedicated to some passages of the Comedy that feature the theme of stars, with saxophonist Dimitri Grechi Espinoza and the actors Sandro Lombardi, Alessandra Bedino, Andrea Costagli, Sara Donzelli, Massimo Salvianti and Lucia Socci.

Upcoming events

28/07/21 – Castiglion Fiorentino (AR) Piazzale del Cassero Inferno, XXXIII

29/07/21 – S. Casciano V.P. (FI) Arena Inside the Paradise Walls, XXXIII

30/07/21 – Altopascio (LU) Piazza Ricasoli Inferno, V

07/31/21 – Cecina (LI) Arena Teatro De Filippo Inferno, XXVI e Purgatory, XXX

01/08/21 – Santa Luce (PI) Pomaia Pines Paradiso slope, XVII

05/08/21 – Chiusi (SI) Piazza Vittorio Veneto Inferno, I

06/08/21 – Principina a Mare (GR) Church of Sta Teresa Lisieux Dante’s zoo

07/08/21 – Rapolano Terme (SI) Campo Muri Dante and the stars

08/08/21 – Montescudaio (PI) Piazzale del Castello Paradiso, I

09/08 /21 – Montespertoli (FI) Dante Library Garden and the stars

13/08/21 – Monticiano (SI) Piazza della Concordia Inferno, XXVI

08/20/21 – Pratovecchio (AR) Jacopo Landino Square Purgatory, XXX

22/08/21 – Pomarance -Sillano (PI) Rocca Paradiso, XXXIII

08/28/21 – Arcidosso Piazza Cavallotti Paradiso, XXXIII

05/09/21 – Talamone Hotel Capo d’Uomo Purgatorio, XIII

12/09/21 – S. Giuliano Terme (PI) Piazza Italia Inferno, XXXIII

09/18/21 – Figline Valdarno (FI) Pieve di Gaville Inferno, V

29/09/21 – Florence Villa Bardini Inferno, X

Poetic Atlas of Tuscany – The Catalog and the artists involved

Inferno I. The beginning of the journey

Roberto Latini – Gabrio Baldacci electric guitar, electronics

Federico Rossi presenter


Inferno V. Paolo and Francesca

Lucia Socci – Valentina Albiani violin

Lorenzo Bartoloni presenter


Inferno X. Farinata degli Uberti

Andrea Costagli – Sebastian Maccarini piano

Alessandra Forte presenter


Hell XXVI. Ulysses

Massimo Salvianti – Roberto Rossi guitar

Anna Zoppè presenter


Hell XXXIII. Ugolino

Dimitri Frosali – Marco Colonna clarinets

Federico Rossi presenter


Purgatory I. Cato and the beginning of purification

Marco Pasquinucci, Roberta Bosetti – Francesco Giomi electronic music

Lorenzo Bartoloni presenter


Purgatory XIII. Wisdom and envy

Sara Donzelli – Emanuele Parrini violin

Francesco Morosi presenter


Purgatory XXX. The meeting with Beatrice

Alessandra Bedino – Serena Meloni guitar

Giulia Depoli presenter


Paradise I. The beginning of Paradise

Giovanna Daddi, Dario Marconcini – Nico Gori clarinets

Giulia Depoli presenter


Paradise XVII. Cacciaguide

Alessio Pizzech – Paolo “Pee Wee” During keyboards

Federico Rossi presenter


Paradise XXXIII. The vision of God and the conclusion of the journey

Sara Donzelli – Angelo Comisso piano

Daniele Musto presenter


Special projects


Dante and the stars: Astronomical images and stars in the Comedy

Giuliana Colzi, Massimo Salvianti, Lucia Socci

Alfonso Belfiore electronic music

Roberto Comi presenter


Dante’s zoo: Animals and Zoological Similes in the Comedy

Giovanni Guerrieri

Simone Bettin singing and guitar

Marco Signori presenter