“In fuga dall’ingiusta pece: un confronto tra due esuli” in the Sala Bianca at Palazzo Pitti

An imaginary meeting of minds between Dante and Bettino Craxi in the show taking place at 4.45pm on September 21 and 22

Sala Bianca at Palazzo Pitti

The extraordinary setting will host the performance of the dramatic work titled ‘In fuga dall’ingiusta pece: un confronto tra due esuli’ by Fausto Giunta. It will take place in the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti at 4.45pm on September 21 and 22, performed by the Compagnia Teatrale Attori & Convenuti di Firenze with Dante Alighieri played by Gaetano Pacchi and Bettino Craxi by Lorenzo Gaioni. The two exiled protagonists will be compared with each other in terms of the reasons that led them to “flee” from trial. The work is unique not only in that it compares the two exiles, but also in that the scenography was created from works by contemporary artists who responded to the “Call to the artists” launched by the two non-profit organizations behind the large project on the occasion of Dantedì.

The reading will be interspersed with previously unreleased musical pieces, composed and performed live on the accordion by Franco Bonsignori.

The “call to artists”

Ignazio Fresu‘s work ‘L’esule’ will take on the role as the lead image for the event in Florence, selected from those who participated in the call on Dantedì.

The results of the call will be illustrated in a publication edited by Sara Bello and Elisabetta Morici, created and freely distributed online in the Iperuranio periodical, a catalogue raisonné with works by Emilia Agosti, Michele-Battart, Dorothy Bhawl, Max Bi, Dario Brevi, Maurizio Ceccarelli, Enzo Cursaro, Marina De Benedictis, Rino Di Terlizzi, Elizabeth, Lorenzo Filomeni, Simonetta Fontani, Ignazio Fresu, Loredana Galante, Michael Gambino, Joe Knife, Sergio Luzzi, Lys, Mimmo Iacopino, Tommaso Ottieri, Ario Pizzarelli, Francesco Rinaldi, Piero Sani, Giorgio Tentolini, Marco Tidu and Francesco Tricarico. The Arte e Arti and Attori & Convenuti is considering a repeat of the show on the occasion of the inauguration of a collective with all the works that have joined the “Call to the Artists” but, in these covid times, it’s impossible to predict the future set up of the exhibition.

The two Florentine dates of ‘In fuga dall’ingiusta pece: Un confronto tra due esuli’ in addition to the patronage of the Uffizi Galleries, are also supported by the Municipality of Florence, the Regione Toscana and the” 700 Dante Firenze Committee”.