From Florence to Ravenna on the Dante train: over 3200 tourists have taken the extraordinary journey

The territories have been strongly involved: we are planning for 2022

Dante train

The tour went from Florence to Ravenna and crossed the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines in the slow yet fascinating historic train. The Dante Train initiative has been successfully completed and for this reason, it’s planned to re-propose it for 2022. 3,205 tourists from all over the world joined the initiative across the 28 weekend days in which there were trips in the famous ‘centoporte’ carriages. From July to October, passengers had the opportunity to depart from Florence, stopping in Borgo San Lorenzo, Marradi, Brisighella, and Faenza on the way to Ravenna. At each stage, it was possible to visit the various locations, and not only: there were also a wide range of experiences available to purchase. The train ticket made it possible to visit museums and monuments for free in all the places stopped in along the route, with a 10% discount in all the restaurants and a free aperitivo.

This spread to involvement in Italy and abroad, with 33 tour operators and travel agencies and 113 companies from the six destinations covered by the itinerary. In particular, there were 1,914 admissions to the 20 museums and over 2,100 meals were recorded in the 19 affiliated restaurants. Finally, there was great visibility generated by the project, with more than 130 reports in the international press and 620 thousand views of the website.

The Councillor for Tourism and Commerce in the Emilia-Romagna Region, Andrea Corsini, explained “The books confirm high participation and that demonstrates the value and quality of this unique tourism project, which we will repeat in 2022”. The data was compiled by Corsini together with Massimo Bucci, president of the Treno di Dante company, and Luigi Cantamessa, general manager of the Fondazione Fs italiane, who contributed to its implementation.